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Maximizing Arizona's ESA: 8 Ways to Spend Your Funds Effectively

The Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) offers Arizona families a unique opportunity to tailor their child’s education according to individual needs, strengths, and interests. Here are eight creative ways to leverage ESA funds for an enriched learning experience:

  1. Early College Tuition: For high-school-aged students in need of a challenge, college classes are an exceptional way to use ESA funds efficiently to reduce future out-of-pocket costs. Tuition and textbooks for postsecondary schools, which includes most Arizona community colleges, are allowable ESA expenses that can give your child a head start on college credits and save significant money on future college tuition by knocking out core academic classes. PRO TIP: Mesa Community College offers an early college program specifically for Arizona homeschooling families. Grand Canyon University also offers the Alliance Program for Homeschool Achievement (ALPHA) program for homeschooling families.

  2. Test Prep and Advancement: Standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, or AP exams play a significant role in college admissions. For homeschooling students in Arizona, using ESA funds to pay for these exams, or for preparation materials and courses, can help remove financial barriers to college and boost their test-taking confidence. PRO TIP: Before purchasing preparation materials or tutoring services for the SAT/ACT, have your student take one of the exams to generate an initial score. Some test prep centers and specialists have score guarantees, where a refund may be issued if the student does not improve their score after the test prep services have been given.

  3. Physical Wellness: Investing ESA funds in gym memberships, sports equipment, or fitness classes promotes a healthy lifestyle, teaches discipline, and can improve academic performance by enhancing focus and reducing stress. PRO TIP: Several fitness centers and gyms in the Phoenix area are ESA-approved vendors. This includes, but is not limited to: Sports Kidz AZ, Sitan Gym, and Gecko Climbing Gym. Families interested in purchasing sporting or playground equipment for at-home use may do so through approved vendors, such as All About Play.

  4. Art Enrichment: Art supplies, classes, and workshops can be funded using ESA money, providing an outlet for creativity and expression. Art education fosters critical thinking, improves cultural awareness, and can enhance children's academic performance. By investing in your child's artistic development, you're supporting their emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills. PRO TIP: If your student prefers taking a structured art class, ESA approved vendors like Outschool offer a catalog of online classes and clubs of various sizes, ages, and levels at affordable price points, and contains information about each teacher and their reviews from past Outschool users.

  5. Tech Equipment: In our digital age, proficiency in technology is invaluable for Arizona homeschoolers. ESA funds can be allocated for purchasing educational technology like laptops, tablets, and software, offering children hands-on experience with tools they'll use throughout their lives. PRO TIP: When shopping for technology, consider your student's age and the normal lifecycle of a laptop or mobile tablet (3-5 years). Several Arizona-based organizations also offer discounts on technology for students and families meeting certain criteria. See here for more details.

  6. STEM Hands-on Learning: STEM or STEAM kits transform abstract concepts into tangible experiences, making learning fun and memorable for homeschoolers. Using ESA funds to buy these kits encourages interactive learning and critical thinking. It's a creative approach to education, allowing children to explore, experiment, and learn through doing. PRO TIP: Hands-on learning kits can be expensive and limited in terms of their curriculum, lessons, and potential for repeat use. Popular options for kits include Arizona-based STEM Sports, which comes with equipment and a custom, high-quality curriculum with innovative STEM projects related to various sports.

  7. Cultural Enrichment & Field Trips: For homeschooling families, single tickets to certain museums and historical sites can be purchased with ESA funds, providing educational experiences that textbooks cannot replicate. Such outings offer children exposure to diverse cultures, histories, and ideas, enriching their education and broadening their perspectives. PRO TIP: Before spending ESA funds on field trips, be sure to check your local library to see if it participates in the Act One Culture Pass program in Arizona. Under this program, participating libraries can provide FREE passes to library cardholders for popular artistic and cultural sites across Arizona.

  8. Home Learning Environment: Creating a dedicated, well-equipped learning space at home can significantly enhance your child’s educational experience. Using ESA funds for educational furniture and organizational tools ensures that your child has a comfortable, structured environment tailored to their homeschooling needs. It symbolizes the importance of education and helps separate school time from leisure time, which can improve focus and productivity. PRO TIP: While there is no perfect learning environment that works for every student, the following advice from Architectural Digest can be helpful in guiding families to create the ideal learning environment at home.

We hope these creative uses of Arizona's ESA funding inspire you to explore new educational opportunities for your child. Have you used ESA funds in a unique way, or do you have questions about maximizing your ESA benefits? Share your stories and questions in the comments below or contact us directly. Let's build a supportive community of Arizona homeschooling families, making the most of every educational opportunity.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute financial or legal advice. Each family's situation is unique, and there may be additional requirements or documentation needed to purchase the items discussed above using ESA funds. We encourage families to consult with the Arizona Department of Education to ensure compliance with all ESA rules and regulations.

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